Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hello everyone I know it has been a while been so busy with so many things or sick, or recovering from a fall. Winter seems so long this year I am so ready for spring, my favorite season.
Below are some of the stitching I have finished this year so far, some are project i started in 2010 but finished and some are still needing to be completely finished into whatever I am planning to do with them. The Bee will be finished into a pillow for the spare room as soon as I find some bee material to do the backing with. Same with the halloween one. Working on some more Christmas ornaments and some more sewing for Hospice hopefully post some of those pictures soon for you all to see. Really cute aprons.
Take care happy stitching

Vee and Company freebie

Vee and Company freebie

SanMan designs


  1. Very nice stitching, I love the bee one.

  2. Patty, these are really cute finishes, but I love the bee in particular.

    Nice to see you posting again.