Thursday, January 28, 2010

an update

I bought a new to me car and what a deal... a whole $100.00. I went out to the Ford dealer as they were having a 4 day sale. Wed one for 10,000 (out of my price range) Thursday one for $1000. which was a 2002 Ford Taurus, I wanted this car so i was out there at 10 to 8 as the sale started at 9, well a person got there 20 minutes before me so he got the car, but I went the next day and got the Friday $100. car which is a 1998 Ford Taurus Wagon which I love and it is in great shape and drives beautifully.
I will need to get all season tires for it as it only came with winter tires, and eventually I will have to get a new battery for it as my Grand Prix battery won't fit which is a bummer as that battery is not even a year old.
I have been doing a little stitching I finished a tote bag for my sister for her birthday in March, and I sewed a pair of PJ pants for myself with cute giraffes on them. I will get Savy to take a picture of me in them and post one soon. I am working on a bookmark for an exchange I joined in one of my groups, and also working on a SAL with Christmas frogs that are so cute.
Hubby has been home all week it has been so nice as I have missed him when he is gone for so long. He applied for a truck driving job but we haven't heard from them yet.
Well off to do my treadmill them some housework then stitching yeah! Take care all chat soon!

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  1. WOW, how wonderful! I had a 1994 Taurus wagon which I loved until my son killed it in early 2009. Congrats & I hope it lasts a good long time. hugs, Mare