Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On a Sunny Tuesday

Well Hello there thank you for stopping in. I have been doing a bit of stitching. My family and I went camping and i finished this little snowman below.
I just finished this cute cat. I love Brittercup designs. This one was in a UK magazine and I really like it. I changed the colors, as they were in Weeks and I don't have any of those. It will be finished off as a tote bag pocket soon.
I am doing some soul searching about leaving all the Yahoo groups I belong too, there was something that just happened on one of the groups in my very first RR I ever joined and things have really gotten ugly and it really had nothing to do with anything I have done, it was a friend stepping into "help" and unfortunately things have gotten worse instead of better. I have asked the group owner to return my RR to me and I will finish it myself I guess and chalk this up to experience. I have had my share of those in these groups and I certainly do not need this kind of hurt anymore.
I have made so many wonderful friends on my Yahoo groups and I certainly hope that they will all keep in touch as I love to hear what they are up to in their lives and what they are stitching and sewing. Well off to finish the housework so that I can get my walk in and then some stitching. Chat with you soon HUGS


  1. Your snowman is so cute x

  2. I love that its so sweet!I also like the bleeding hearts, one of my favorite flowers.Good stitching!

  3. I do like your little snowman. You will soon discover that KYK does not do RRs. Welcome to the group, Patty.

  4. Not sure on what happenned, but sincerely hoping things had been sorted out for you and the RR. Its such a fun experience...
    Congrats on the stitching. Are you working on something right now?
    Hugs from south Brazil!

  5. Congratulations cat embroidery. Beautiful choice!
    Forgive any clerical error, do it through google translate. Ana